Heel fracture is a skin disease that, although not dangerous, affects the aesthetic factor, makes the person lose confidence and also causes more damage if left untreated, causing you to suffer pain. painful, making it difficult to walk. Nowadays, cracked foot cream has become popular and used a lot, but not everyone knows how to use the best cracked heel cream.

Manifestations of cracked heels

Manifestations of a cracked heel are completely visible to the naked eye, for example: the heel is peeling, cracking, the skin on the foot is rough, itchy, itchy, even bleeding. Heel cracking is especially troublesome and makes it difficult to walk.

When the heel is bleeding, the bacteria will have the opportunity to invade, causing you to become infected, especially at risk of complications of foot necrosis when not treated in time, this time the disease will become worse. should be dangerous. If worse, the heel will crack more, bleed, create gaps, deep grooves very susceptible to infection. Therefore, you need prevention and treatment properly and effectively.

Biểu hiện nứt gót chân

Manifestations of a cracked heel
How to use foot crack cream effectively and safely

– Use cracked heel cream at night before going to bed and in the morning or at noon, regularly 2 times / day.

– Before applying the cream, wash your feet clean, preferably with warm water, and dry with a soft towel. Then apply the cream evenly on calluses, cracks and peeling skin on the feet.

– If the calluses are lumpy, you should use heel cleaners to clean the heel to remove dead cells, so when applying cream will be effective quickly.

– Keep the heel cream in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and remember to do it every day so you get the results you want.

In order for the heel medicine to work and achieve the best effect, it is necessary to combine a good diet, drink water daily and always protect and clean the feet really well.

Other simple home remedies for heel fractures

Ngâm chân với nước muối

Foot bath with salt water
Here are a few simple home remedies that you can use to help treat cracked heels:

Soak water mixed with soda powder

You can use the following method, put two tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl of warm water, then soak your feet for 15 minutes, then wipe your feet, massage your skin with olive oil, coconut oil.

Put ripe papaya or ripe bananas

Papaya or banana is a fruit with lots of vitamins and effective heel crack treatment. Just use a piece of ripe papaya or a ripe banana to grind smoothly, then apply on the heel, cracks, lesions, after 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Foot bath with salt water

Take a little warm water and add about a teaspoon of salt, use this dilute solution to soak at night 3-4 times a week. Thin salt water will help remove dead cells that cause cracked heels, your feet will also be significantly softer.

Rice flour

Rice flour is a well-known, easy-to-find ingredient that also has safe natural ingredients, this is a natural product that can be used to exfoliate the heel. It is even better if you mix rice flour and honey into a thick paste and apply to the heel.

If you are experiencing heel cracking and are currently using anti-heel crack medication, do not ignore the ways to use the effective heel crack cream shared above. Wish you always have a healthy and smooth heel.

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