BAO LINH Herbal foot bath


Inside the foot of the human body is a complex of more than 7,200 nerves, 2,000 endocrine system and countless arteries and veins. All the weight of the body when moving, working is located on the feet, so taking care of the feet is a very important task to stay healthy.

According to Oriental medicine, feet are a second heart of the body, the organs have the corresponding area on the feet and many nerve roots from the feet are related to the central nervous system of the brain. Blood circulates in the body evenly through system of acupuncture spots in the feet.

Massaging and soaking feet with herbs from ancient times has become a useful therapy for the health of the feet to clear system of acupuncture spots, stimulate acupuncture points to help blood circulation easily and be transmitted in folk.

Bao Linh Herbal foot bath is formulated with a unique formula, helping rare essential oils diffuse into the basin of foot bath water, not layered and floating on the water, therefore, the essential oil disperses evenly into the water, helping the whole feet to contact the herbal oil, improving the effect many times more than before,

Including many rare essential oils such as ginger, cinnamon, clove, anise, camphor essential oil, cajeput oil, Bao Linh herbal foot bath, which helps to strengthen the health of the feet, with the effect of easing indisposition and coldness, warm liver, lungs, spleen, tastes, support::

– Blood circulation,

– Prevent rheumatism,

– Improve sleep,

– Treating fungi in space between toes, toenails, high efficiency in pathological fungi that eat feet.

Used in manicure and pedicure industries, which is very effectively due to its antifungal and skin-softening effects, helping manipulate the profession more effectively.


Composition of the product:

Zingiber officinale R. oil, Cinnamomum camphora L. oil, Mentha piperita L. oil, Cinnamomum loureiroi Nees oil, Syzygium aromaticum L. oil.



Wash your feet.

Prepare a pot of warm water of about 45-50 degrees Celsius, dissolve 10 to 15 ml of Bao Linh herbal foot bath in the prepared warm bath (5-8 liters), soak your feet in the pot, note that the amount of soaking water is just high enough to cover the ankle. Soak for 20 minutes, remember to use your hands to massage, stimulate the soles of the feet, to enhance the flow of system of acupuncture spots, to stimulate the acupuncture points.

When soaking the feet, combine with a wet towel to soak up the knees, and help to spread the essential oils to the air to make the body and respiration of users comfortable.

When soaking the feet, if the water gets cold, add hot water, but care must be taken to avoid foot burns.

Do not soak after eating, preferably before sleeping.

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BAO LINH Herbal foot bath

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