BAO LINH baby bath water


When the weather changes, especially during the winter, children face with many causes of respiratory infections, the flu, so keeping children warm with herbal baths is a helpful remedy and is often recommended by health experts to bathe your baby to prevent the flu illness caused by bacteria.

Bao Linh baby bath water is also antibacterial, antifungal, helping to protect the baby’s skin from skin diseases such as impetigo, scabies …

Bao Linh baby bath water also helps repel mosquitoes and other insects.

Very good for the following cases:

Help keep baby’s body warm when bathing especially in winter.

Help the baby prevent skin diseases

Help the baby from being bitten by mosquitoes and insects.

Especially effective when used daily, especially when sending children to preschool.


Composition of the product:

Melaleuca leucadendron oil extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree grown naturally in many areas of Vietnam (central coastal and southwest) has long been used in rubbing, bathing to prevent and treat respiratory diseases for babies because of their safety properties.

According to Oriental medicine, Melaleuca leucadendron essential oil has a spicy taste, warmth with the effect of easing coldness, preventing leprosy, activating blood, relieving pain, ventilating in the head and face areas, eliminating the flu, headache runny nose, stuffy nose, cough with phlegm.. so traditionally, Melaleuca was used to warm the body, steam-bathe to reduce fever and treat respiratory diseases when the weather changes.

According to Western medicine, Melaleuca essential oil has the effect of expectoration, reducing cough, respiratory edema and pain, anti-inflammatory in respiratory diseases. The latest research shows that Melaleuca also kills some bacteria, viruses and fungi … thanks to the active ingredient Alpha-Terpineol in Melaleuca oil.

Piper betel leaf oil, according to scientific studies, has strong antibacterial and fungicidal properties, especially for bacteria that cause skin diseases. Research results of scientists at Can Tho University show that piper betel leaf oil does not show good active antimicrobial property. It is used to prevent Gram (+) bacteria such as B.subtillis and harmful fungi such as A.niger and F.oxysporum.

Plectranthus amboinicus oil, or Lemon Basil essential oil, is an ancient medicine with anti-inflammatory effect, effective protection for babies to prevent respiratory diseases. According to recent studies, Plectranthus amboinicus oil has the effect of inhibiting many bacteria such as Staphylococcus, Shigella flexneri, sonnei, Shiga, B.subtilis, E.coli, Streptococcus, D. pneumoniae, …

Coriandrum savitum seed oil, or Coriander Essential Oil or Coriander Seed Essential Oil, is known for its top-class antimicrobial, antifungal, and powerful antioxydant properties.

Many top studies have shown that Plectranthus amboinicus oil can kill a variety of dangerous bacteria like Salmonella, a bacterium that makes food toxic, rods and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus – (MRSA) a bacterium with strong antibiotic resistance), E.Coli and many other Gram-positive and Gram-positive bacteria.

Rose essential oil helps regulate biological functions, improve metabolism to make the baby’s skin be smooth, ruddy, bring a pleasant feeling for the babies.

We use high quality essential oil ingredients to improve the quality of the product, providing effective use to prevent skin diseases and respiratory diseases for the babies.




– Infants up to the age of 6 months:

Put 1 mL of the product in your baby’s bath (prepared about 20 liters of warm water at 37-38 degrees Celsius), stir to dissolve it completely, gently bathe your baby for 10 to 15 minutes, pat him/her dry, remember not to bathe again with water.

– Babies aged from 6 months to 2 years: 2 mL of the product for one bath.

– Babies aged 2 years and older: 3 mL of the product for one bath.

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BAO LINH baby bath water

Bao Linh baby bath water is also antibacterial, antifungal, helping to protect the baby’s skin from skin diseases such as impetigo, scabies …

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