With 100 years’ wonderful history of the formation and development.
Inheriting experiences from herbalists in the family, Bao Linh Oriental Company has constantly endeavored to inherit - create - develop - apply domestic and foreign science and technology in medicine to maximize the wonderful effects of traditional herbs. The company specializes in traditional medicine products such as supplements, medicines, and cosmetics extracted from herbal medicine, etc., in the hope of protecting and improving the community health. At the same time, the company is striving to affirm the important role of Vietnamese Traditional Medicine to the world in the age of international integration.
In 2005, the company completed the construction of the factory meeting GMP - WHO standards.
The company has the largest scale of production in Vietnam with a design capacity of 10,000,000 products per year
The perfect combination of
traditional remedies
and modern medical technology.
The presence around the world
With nearly 100 years of history, Bao Linh Oriental Medicine Company has become a prestigious brand for both domestic and foreign customers. The company’s products are strongly consumed and highly appreciated in China, which is the very first nation to strongly develop the Southeastern pharmaceutical industry. Also, the company’s products have gradually widely used in America, Australia, France, Russia, and Southeast Asia.
The largest scale production in Vietnam
with a design capacity of 10,000,000 products / year
In 2005, the company completed the construction of a factory meeting GMP - WHO standards, with two modern production lines of massage cream and balm and a design capacity of 10,000,000 products per year.
GLP laboratory is fully equipped with modern testing equipment to ensure the inspection of raw materials and finished products satisfying the requirements of GMP. The GSP warehouse system ensures that the pharmaceuticals are stored under good conditions from production to consumption.
The factory has an extracting workshop with special equipments to purify raw materials into pure raw materials that meet the standards before being transported into the GMP factory.
Bao Linh Oriental Medicine
World Standard Certification